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Bash + Rake +

i wanted tab completion for rake tasks with bash on OS X, so…

I Installed the gem:

sudo gem install rake-command-completion

Then I added this to .bash_login (or .bashrc)

complete -C /usr/local/bin/command_completion_for_rake -o default rake

Added a Trac-Hack


I heart trac, and I also heart VibrantInk, as well as my VibrantInk-based color scheme for Vim and Visual Studio.

Earlier this week I spent a little time making a few tweaks to the css of Trac, and was able to get the code browser to show up in my beloved color scheme. After walking around all proud of my self, but everyone I told was more or less utterly unimpressed. So I decided to do the selfless thing and brag about it to the Trac community. Thus the VibrantInkCodeTheme was born.

My visual studio scheme is form John Lam’s settings with a few minor tweaks
My vim scheme is based the VividChalk theme by Tim Pope. I’ve done a fair amount of work on this one, making it work under gVim, Windows CMD, gnome-terminal and the Mac Terminal. The tri-platform thing was a bit of a pain. Every time i got it just right under two of the three, it would break on the third. Seriously, you’d think in the year 2008 we could get at least 256 colors in all the terminals.

Vim on Vista

Ok, so I wasted a good part of thanksgiving day trying to get vim workign again on vista. I am not sure what happened, but it went nuts. It may have been the recent windows updates or the face that I in stalled .NET 3.5, but it was unusable. None of the plugins/syntax highlighting/menus that I have grown to love. So here is what I did:

Vim on Vista

Installed gvim71-2.exe to C:vim (from here)

Copy the folling files into C:vimvim71

iconv.dll (from here You can find the dll file in the bin directory of the “libiconv-win32” archive.)
libintl.dll (from here Get “intl.dll” from the bin directory in the gettext-win32 archive and store it as “libintl.dll” in the same directory as gvim.exe, overwriting the file that may already be there.)
gvimext.dll (from here)

Here is the thing that stuck me for hours, if you had previously installed vim
to the recommended location of C:Program Files you won’t be able to associate
files with the new location until you edit the registry. Go to:
Make sure the editcommand and opencommand Keys have the following default value:
C:vimvim71gvim.exe “%1”
If you want the “Edit with vim” in windows explorer:

Run C:vimvim71install.exe
Choose no when asked if you want to uninstall, then enter “d 14”
If you get a gvim not in your path error with the “Edit with vim” shell ext, make sure you don’t have gvim.exe set to run as Administrator, as that will break it.

If you don’t want to run around and get those files, you can download them here.

Also, I added my suite of vim files here.

Leah is more fun than programming

I know I have been really bad about about keeping up with my blog. In the past I would make long senseless posts about wushu between the fun adventure posts. Well, since I haven’t been doing much of that (and when I do I mostly just work basics and get sore), I don’t have that stuff to post about. Now, there are more adventures, nearly all inspired or caused my the little miss, but work has been nuts so I am falling behind on them.

I could replace the wushu posts with programming posts, but I am not sure that is what my audience (read: Kelly) wants to read about. Not that they wanted to read about wushu, but it was an easy topic that was constantly on my mind. So now that programming is my idée fixe I figured maybe I should write about that. So here goes:
I just spend the last few days trying to figure out some weird C Runtime Library (CRT) issues with our new installer. We had always built things as multithreaded, not multithreaded dll, so it was never a problem. We would much rather have larger exe’s than to redistribute the msvc dlls. Well, turns out that you can’t build C++/CLI mixed mode code as multithreaded, so you have to dynamically link to the CRT if you want to build with /cli. Drat. I just want to statically link and be done with it. This was annoying because I didn’t notice until after I deployed on a machine with out the Visual Studio installed, and it would crash hard and give me this fancy FileNotFound error. I read all about manifests and how to embed them, but Visual Studio’s linker automatically does that for me – eventually I figured out that we were trying to use the redist dll’s from VS2005, but built out lib with VS2005sp1! Egads! Now that I have the correct version of the dlls, I think we are in business.

And that’s why they call them business socks.

Hmm, maybe, I shouldn’t write about that stuff – and if I want to I will need to make the articles useful, and that takes lot of time. Plus my audience really just wants to hear A) Stories about Leah B) Funny stories or C) Funny stories about Leah.

They would prolly love to hear about how Leah got my wallet, emptied it’s contents, stuck the post-it’s on her belly and handed me the empty shell with a big grin on her face. I think she hid one of my credit cards. Hopefully this is not foreshadowing.