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The Mayflower Voyage

It has been stressful, exhausting and all around crazy, but it seems like the hard parts are over (knock-knock). We have the inspection and appraisal on Ft. Truxion have worked out in our favor, and our offer on Mayflower was just accepted.


And the kitchen that my wife has told me she “will live, die and sleep in”:


Apparently the cover letter Kelly composed was instrumental in swaying the owners in to accepting our offer over the competition, pasted here for posterity:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. ****,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you first what a lovely home you have created and second how much my family is looking forward to the possibility of it being our new home.

When my husband and I first walked into your house I could immediately see myself living there – the main floor, and kitchen in particular just felt like the perfect home for us. We have two toddlers – Leah who is 3 years old and Laurence who is 14 months – and I love to cook and entertain. Therefore, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen between keeping up with the kids’ growing appetites and cooking for friends and family when they stop by. In our current house that removes me from everyone and the way you have opened up that whole floor is exactly what I am looking for to be able to take care of my family and still be able to spend time with them.

As at home as I felt in the kitchen, the kids were equally enchanted with the back yard. They were smiling and giggling as they ran all around “the park”. We are moving because we currently spend far too much time with the kids strapped into car seats during our commute up to McLean each day, and being able to get them home quickly and to such a wonderful place to play will make for much more enriching experiences and pleasurable memories.

Again, I must say what a lovely home you have created – we feel as if we can move in and wouldn’t need to change a thing for it to be our home too, not just our new house. Interestingly, we bought our current house from The **** – we’d be thrilled to keep up that trend.

I wish you the best of luck in your move to ****.


Kelly M Sexton