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Talking Toddler

Leah’s talking has really taken off in the bast few weeks. She is finally coming up with some phrases all on her own. I think “Ouch Leah” might be one of my favorite. “Spicy-JUICE!!!” is another.

Which reminds me, Leah has decided she likes hot wings. So much that she ate over half of mine. I had to debone and skin them, so I was a little slower in the eating part, but she was going to town. After a few big bites she would cough a little and fumble around for her juice. At least my two year old has good taste.

BBQ Battle

Leah and her mom on her first Metro ride ever.

BBQ Battling with dad!

Tuckered out after the battle.

Prioritize your projects

I went and saw Dr. Malani, who gave me antibiotics, and in about a day and a half I was feeling much better. Now I feel good enough that I’m guilty for not going to the gym. I really need to work out.

I’ve made good progress on the ceiling. Started the painting, and took down the hermetically sealed plastic dust barrier, which make our living room much more pleasant. I need a few more coats of paint and some blue touch up on the walls and we can move our furniture back to where it goes. I can’t wait.

Now we have to prioritize the next few projects.

1) Paint the stairwell
2) Carpet the stairs (dependant on #1)
3) Clear out the guest room to make it Leah’s new room
4) Purchase furniture, paint and other niceties for Leah’s new room (prereq: #3)
5) Patio
6) Repair lawn with compost and overseeding (stupid fertilizer/pesticide, I just wanted to get rid of the ants)

Between home projects, the fact that this month is chaos at work since we are about to go live with my big project and the work contest it is looking a little overwhelming. Why is it when we are overwhelmed we get less done, but have more to do? Not helpful.

In fun new, little miss has a new favorite song. The ABC’s. She will get all excited and ask for “more-more” even before we finish. She dosn’t know all her letters, infact she normally says “C-C-C” but throws in a few random letters, maybe a “B” maybe a “R.” She definitely knows “Z,” her favorite letter, which she screams as loud as she can. And once the song is down we throw our hands up in the air and yell “touchdown!”

I can’t wait till she goes to kindergarten and wants to know why everyone else says something as obvious as “now I know my ABC’s” at the end of the song. Those losers.

Oh, a co-worker was able to convince work that I need to go to the RailsConf at the end of the month, so I am psyched about that. I should check with Paulo to see if he is going again this year.

Fading Goats.

I really think fuzzymonk.com is way over due for an update, something to simplify things, but don’t think I am going to get any time to deal with that any time soon. Would really like to migrate the cookbook and dictionary to rails. Would be stupid easy.

We just got back from Colin Hay. Was our second time seeing him at the Birchmere, he was every bit as good as he was last time. We even had an extra ticket so were able to drag my esteemed colleague from the west out. I think everyone had a good time, nice chill show with some funny enter-song commentary.

I think the best part of the evening was coming home to and having our delightful babysitter, Mer, tell us how wonderful our daughter is. We always worry she won’t be good for other people, if for no other reason because we want them to come back and babysit again. But our worries were for nothing, and she was sweet as could be. Apparently liberal with the kisses and hugs, as well as easily entertained and didn’t mind going to bed. Score one for the little Sexton girl.

Oh, that silly girl:

Pretty dress on a pretty day

Cookin’ in the kitchen

T-Minus 3 days

We have passed the halfway mark of the great Leah famine of 2008.

Just in case you don’t know, Leah went to Texas with her Grandmother who wanted to take her to see the bluebonnets and visit family. I thought this would be a great time to get a lot of stuff done around the house, Kelly thought this would be a good time to go insane. Now that is probably the good and healthy for a mother who’s baby girl changed time zones with out her.

As I mentioned, I was hoping to get a bunch of stuff done, but the preceding weeks have been a little rough and we are mostly using the time to rest, recover and spend quality toddler free time with the wife. My goal has shifted from getting Leah’s new room cleared out to eating out at nice places and going to the movies. If it hadn’t been for the stairway-to-debacle project or the surprise trip to Austin i’m sure plenty of progress would have been made on little miss’s new room, but I’ll take what I can get.

Aside from the phone call’s from Kelly’s mom about the massive deviations from Leah’s normal schedule and the news of a fever, we are handling this pretty well. She will return home on Wednesday, and there is no way that either of us will stay home from the airport. However, I am a little scared to get between Leah and her Mom when they are fresh off the plane, least Leah choose to come to me first. I would not want to suffer the consequences if that were to happen. And there would be consequences.

We did go downtown for brunch today, but it was wet and dreary so we decided to skip the walk around the tidal basin for the Cherry Blossoms. A bit of a bummer, but Kelly got the pedicure and I got to hang in the coffee shop and play on the MBP.

I think we are going to finish off the weekend nice and easy: Kelly has a book, I am playin’ rails, and maybe some wings for dinner.

Anyone want some wings?

Wait a second, what happened to January?

I am nto sure what happened to january. I think I remember christmas, and I know there was CES, but I think that was just the other day. Now my computer is telling me it is time we start thinking about February. Who knew!

I have been talking every last second of my free time to geek out on rails recently. One of our prestigious swapfriends is in town and I am stealing every bit of knowledge I possibly can while he is trying to do real work. It is working. I am learning alot. Of course this process leads to me reading/coding on the train, bus, at work, over lunch and at night when I should be sleeping. Heck I even tricked people into staying after work to “ya know, hang out and code”. It worked. Yes, I asked people to volunteer to stay and continue to work after work. They did. Sure some bailed once the pizza was gone, and a few more after a couple of beers, but we have a few rock out to the dev-tunes.

Anytime I am not squandering away with work is family time. I need to make sure to keep the family time top priority, because things are starting to slip, and I see it getting cut. But it is still top in my mind. And Leah and really become alot of fun. She can really play now. Proper little kid playing. Make believe, rough housing, dancin’, the works.

I cannot believe how surprised I am every time she shows her abstract abilities. A few of thing things I am the most impressed with are: Language comprehension (she can’t say it, but she knows what the elephant is, and how to find the matching shoe when you ask), imagination (changing dolly’s diaper, dressing up like mom), and trying to manipulate her parents (Yeah, I normally see though it, I just sometimes let it happen — it is just easier). I am sure all parents out there are equally astonished, but can’t understand how abstract thought can be learned, but I am watching it happen right in front of my eyes. Teh cool.


Leah Does Stuff

Guest post by Kelly

So, at a little more than 18 months I think we’re starting to see both a very independent streak appear in Leah, right on schedule, as well as some other behaviors I wasn’t quite ready for yet.

The little girl seems to be loathe to accept help from her parents on just about anything these days, unless it is to use our bodies as a step stool. One of the most poignant examples of this happened Monday night. We had just returned home and I caught a whiff of some pants that needed changing. At the same time Leah wandered over to her diaper bag and pulled out the changing pad. She proceeded to set down the pad sort of in front of me and lied down. When I tried to adjust the pad to be right in front of me I was showered with a chorus of “No, no, no!” and giggles. We repeated this almost a dozen times, sometimes trying to adjust the pad’s position in relation to me, sometimes trying to adjust Leah’s position in relation to the pad, but all attempts to alter Leah’s chosen configuration resulted in “No, no, no!” I eventually decided that I am the parent and we’ll do things my way and wisked her off to the changing table to do things right. Much less laughing and much more pouting. (Man it sucks to be the responsible one sometimes.)

Leah is also showing a lot of maternal instincts with her dolls. She holds them, feeds them, “changes their diapers”, pats them on the back, etc. Monday night she also took to educating them. As she was reading “That’s Not My Dinosaur” she would “read” the page and then take the dolls hand and put it on the touch & feel part of the page. Ta-adorable!

Lastly, Leah is becoming her Dad. At least in the mornings. Two days ago when she woke up after coming to our bed she stretched, looked around, crawled over to the bedside table, turned off the light, and curled back up with her eyes closed. Clearly, it was too bright and she was trying to sleep. Geez mom! This morning she just kept shifting from one side to the other and curled back up in a little ball at every attempt to waken her. It probably didn’t help that Dad was curled up right next to her and soundly sleeping too, but she was determined to sleep. I thought we’d have until she was a teenager to have to pry her out of bed but I guess when you adore Dad you pick up his habits early.