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Conversations with Leah

Just picked up Leah and Lars and I was headed home. I popped in a CD with their music and the following conversation ensued:

Leah: Is this Imagination Movers?

Me: Yes it is.

Leah: I like Imaganation Movers, can we listen to it loud?

turns up radio



turns down radio

Me: When you want to ask someone what they said you should say “Can you please tell me what you said?”


Me: No, when you ask someone that you should say “Can you tell me what you said, please?”


Me: YOU need to say “Can you tell me what you said, please?”


turns up radio


Quotable Leah

Kelly wearing sleeping pants and a nice silk shirt, checking on Leah after date night:

Leah: Mommy, why aren’t you wearing a sleeping shirt?
Mommy: I didn’t have time to put one on yet.
Leah: touches shirt
Mommy: Do you like it?
Leah: No. I don’t like it very much. But it looks nice!

Halloween Pt. 1

Today was the Halloween Parade at Leah’s preschool. As per her request, she was a bird. She was also the ONLY child there (that I noticed, but I was looking) who was wearing a homemade costume. I know parents in DC tend to be busy professional types, but I figured they’d put in a little effort.



Ballerinas are better than princesses.

Seems like all the little girls Leah’s age want to be princesses. Leah has decided she like ballerinas better, and considering how this is a more noble cause (pun intended) — ballet requires hard work, determination and flexibility (all things required for wushu, btw), I am encouraging it.

So in my recent trip to San Diego I bought her ballerina paper dolls. At a great little shop. She loves them, so much that I played too. Yeah, I said it.



Jorge, tell Karen she needs to open a shop in Northern Virginia. She would make a KILLING.

Hillside Artisans was teh awesome, I don’t think there was a single thing in the store that my wife would not like. And lets face it, when buying stuff for the kids the goal is to make the wife happy.

Family movie night, part duex.

We had family movie night again tonight. It was our second. This time we watched Madagascar 2, which had plenty of inappropriate content that was very appropriately hidden from preschooler. Plus it made Neal and I laugh a number of times.

After the movie was over, Neal played us a song he ad been working on on the guitar. Leah danced ballet. They were both surprisingly good. I taught Leah how to do a scale and a pirouette and she was able to reproduce on demand. I think we need to take her for dance, and I need to keep telling myself that ballet is like pretty wushu in a tutu.

The real memorable moment of the night was when I went up to tuck her in. First she pointed out that I had whiskers that I needed to shave and added that she would kiss me anyway. At this point I was willing to buy her a pony. Second she pointed out that her little stuffed cat was very tiny. I told her she was tiny, to which she agreed. Then she added “but you are big, so I will give you a big hug,” and threw both arms around my neck. “And a big kiss,” where she grabbed my head with both hands and crammed her kiss into my cheek with all the force her tiny arms could muster.

She is surprisingly strong.

Two green MMs

Leah kept asking for candy, I assume it is because she found the bowl of M&Ms I stuck on the top shelf of the desk. But I didn’t cave right away.

I told Leah that she could have two, count ‘em, two pieces of candy if she was good for her bath. She asked if they could be green candies, and I agreed.

We then went up for baths, and she did great. Even during the de-tangling of her hair. Her mom tagged me out about ½ way though. When they were done they cam back downstairs and she asked if she could watch a movie. I said no, but we could play a game. She picked out candy land and Kelly reminded her that she also got to have candy. So I went and grabbed both the green M&Ms and set them next to the candy land board.

She smiled and said “thank you.” Then she handed one to me and said “we can share, this one is for you.”

At this point I died. Yep. I must be a zombie now.

Seriously. How can you get a 3 year old to share HALF of her candy? Especially when all her candy consisted of a whopping 2 M&Ms.


Story time, shortly after candy land. Did I mention I won this time? It was a first.

Oh, the things I need to document

If you follow me on twitter (and if you read this I would guess you do) you probably have notice that Leah has a twitter account. Well, if you see a post there in quotes it is something she actually said. While twitter does a great job as for displaying one liners it is awkward to post the more nuanced converstaions with her there. And I personally think some of those are the most in need of keeping around.

For example, here is what was said a mere 2 min ago:

Chris (to the cat): Yeah, she is going commando.
Leah: MANDO!

OK, maybe not the best example, but I still think it is really funny. Of course that could be a lack of sleep making me all punchy.

Laurence plays games

Kelly has discovered that Laurence can play a few games. Not nearly as advanced as Leah was when I blogged about her games, but he plays them all the same.

Biggest eyes
Holdin’ meh head ups
I’s so mad im gonna turn red
Pee on dad
It’s 3 AM and i wanna eat!

Leah had an interesting nap earlier. I went up to check on her to see if she was still asleep to find a very sheepish little girl missing a diaper. I smelled a bit of an odor, and noticed the diaper folded up on the floor. Sure enough she took her dirty diaper off and went back to bed. I can’t blame her one bit—I wouldn’t want to sleep in that either. She even got the wipes and cleaned her self up. Sure we may need to run the comforter through the wash, but for a two year old I was impressed.

Backing up the MacBook is bogging down the network so much that our IP phones are choppy. It also makes the compy pretty hot.

Nap time Songs

When putting Leah down for her naps or bedtime we sing songs, we have gotten to the point where we ask her what songs she wants to sing. This is how that conversation normally goes:

Dad: OK Leah, we can sing 3 songs, what song do you want to sing first?
Leah: Itsy Spider
Dad: Itsy Bitsy Spider it is.
Dad: OK Leah, we can sing 2 more songs, what song do you want to sing next?
Leah: Football!
Dad: How about Hush Little Baby?
Leah: No. Football!
Dad: [singing]Hush little ba—–
Dad: Um. Ba budda baaa!….

Who taught her that football was a song? Cause they can do bedtime next.