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Trip to ColoSpngs

This was Leah’s second plane trip, and last time we bought her a seat and her grandma came along to help out. Unfortunately we didn’t luck out enough to get a row to ourselves, and had to share space with some poor unsuspecting traveler. The flight out she never really cried, but was a little fussy and very fidgety the entire trip. The way back she was very sleepy and cranky, but after a tour standing up at the front of coach dad was able to trick her into sleeping. Despite the evil glares from a business man (who had an empty seat next to him). And Kelly and I (and the poor lady in our row) had a couple hours of still and quite.

When we landed early in Denver, early enough that jeannie had not even left the her house in Colorado Springs yet, and was gonna be a while. So we gathered all our babies and baby related stuff and set out to find a place we could let Leah get down and run. And run she did. It was way past her bedtime, and she was hyper like only a hyper one year old can be. We were running around a column playing ‘catch the baby which eventually blossomed into a proper game of hide and seek. I would take her to the corner and tell her to count to 3, then count with her while trying prevent her from peeking. then run off a few feet away and ‘hide’ by the wall, or behind some of our luggage. Once we got into it she was playing along good. So much so that I overheard passers by saying “oh, look! she’s counting” while she had her head buried in the corner with a “du…du…du.” our games involved lots of running, flailing and screeching. Impressive thing is, she didn’t even crash right away in the car, she lasted a good 30 minutes.


One best parts of visiting the McPenberthy’s at Monopuss Manor, are the Dogs. We would sit out back and throw a ball for hours. In addition to the fun puppies to entertain Leah (and her dad), the weather was gorgeous, no humidity and no bugs. Dirk, Jeannie and Kelly kept making these amazing meals that we could eat on the back patio. Strap the baby into her chair and we could chow down on Alaskan Salmon, King Crab and Stuffed Blueberry French Toast Croissants. I think I gained a few pounds. Which is not surprising considering how many pounds of Fondue I ate.

Leah’s favorite backyard activity must have been collecting rocks. Dirk and I took her out behind the back yard so that he could run the dogs a bit more, and she started picking up rocks as best she could and when he noticed that she could only carry three at a time, Dirk set out to get her a pail. Turns out a Tupperware bowl is a lot like a pail. Especially when filled with rocks. From then on, we where in serious rock collecting mode. So the rock beds all around the edge of Monopuss Manor were really handy.

We didn’t say at their house the entire time, though I would have been happy to hang out there — between the back yard, the dogs and FotC on OnDemand, I really didn’t want to leave. However, we were in CO, and there were fun things to go do. And we did a few.


First one was the Air Force Academy. Which is across the street from their place. Kelly and I being a couple of AF brats, we had a good time. Checked out the Chapel and looked at a few planes on display. Pretty fancy campus. We went from there to the Olympic Training center and wondered around. We were there late so they didn’t have any tours still, but Leah had a good time running around in the little courtyard.


The highlight of our excursions had to be the Zoo. We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which was a really fun little place. Little miss was pretty overwhelmed while we were there, but was also very interested in everything. She was clearly tired but never got fussy. Just went hard until she crashed in her stroller.


Poor little girl.

But first, an easy way to feel stupid: After making an appointment and writing down the directions I hopped in the truck and drove it to the appointment I had made to get the check engine light looked at. Unfortunately the engine light was on in Kelly’s car, not my truck. That got me into work a little later than I had planned.

Leah wasn't feeling too good this past weekend.  She has officially been sick now.  We almost made it 6 months with out her getting ill, yesterday she had a fever and a lot of congestion.  She had actually been congested for a few days before that, nothing too bad just a snuffly nose.  Yesterday was different, she didn't eat too much and she grumbled all day.  Never a full cry, but a constant complaining whimper.  Easily the saddest sounds ever.  The congestion provoked a nasty cough. We tried to suction the boogies out of her nose, with some success, but that makes her super mad.  She sure loves her boogies and doesn’t like it when we take them.

We called to doctor once her fever broker 100, but they seem to think it is an ear infection.  I am not so sure, the internet tells me that teething can cause these symptoms so I am inclined to think that is the cause. Kelly should be at the doctor now and we will find out for sure.  Luckily we had a regularly scheduled appointment today.

The rest of the weekend was fun, had a couple of holiday gatherings.  Games night was the biggest ever.  Darpa peoples we run but Kelly missed out because of the baby (and honestly she was the one everyone wanted to see).  We even had a fun lunch with the Suns at a crazy Japanese buffet in Fair Oaks.  Leah spit up all over Mrs. Sun and the table.   But at a sushi place you practically expect people to vomit.  Right?