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Lets see how bad the housing market really is.

We have decided that we can’t take our commute any more. Kelly has the chance to listen to 2 kids scream for a commute that can take upwards of an hour we’ve decided that this is simply not good lifestyle. And if she gets home and decides she wants some help — she gives me a call and it might be more than an hour and a half for me to walk in the door.

Yeah, not really working for me.

So we are looking for a new place. We started looking near Dunn Lorring or one of the Falls Church Metro stops. But I think we decided we really prefer West Fall Church/McLean. The more I think about it, the better my wife’s commute the happier I am gonna be. Weird how that works.

We did find one house that was, well, ideal. Unfortunately by the time we got to go see it it was already under contract. It was a bit on the pricy side (all the ‘ideal’ ones are), but totally worth it.

While we considered buying before selling, I think we’ve deiced don’t like that idea, so have stepped up the ‘getting the house ready’ tasks. The sad thing is now that we are replacing all the light fixtures, painting, building circuit breaker doors, installing range hoods — well, it really makes the current place nice. Man, all these little things add up. Hopefully it will help when people come look at it.

I know people do it all the time, but I don’t know what we are going to do once it is listed and we get calls that someone wants to come see our place and we are waist deep in dirty diapers and kids toys. You can’t keep the house clean with a toddler AND a baby.

So, anyone want to buy a townhouse in Burke? It’s got new light fixtures!

Christmas and New Years

Christmas for the Sexton’s, like always, was full of pandemonium.

We went down to Richmond to see the my side of the clan, which had the added bonus of having Nikki and Anthony. We actually had people in every bedroom at my parents house — I think it has been a while since that happened. But now that the Sexton’s take up 3 rooms for sleeping it the spare space seems to disappear pretty quick.

My parents bought tickes for The Demarco’s, The Wilson’s and us to go see the lights at the botanical gardens. I strapped Lars in the snugli, and we wondered in the cold looking at everything. The smores were fun but $3 for a bag with a gram cracker, marshmallow or two and a half a Hershey’s bar seemed a bit steep. But it was worth it to watch Leah swing a flaming marshmellow at her mom’s face.

Leah and her mom in the light maze

We had an early Christmas at my parents before we left to Grandma’s for second Christmas. We packed up the loot (recieve much more than we gave, that’s for sure), and headed back up to Burke to prep for Christmas morning (a.k.a. third Christmas). By the time we were finally up and playing with the presents from Santa man, them Tulli showed up for forth Christmas.

Christmas twice is nice, but four….is awesome.

The best part is Leah finally gets it. And not only that be was extremely well behaved. I am not sure how we did it, nor how long it is gonna last, but I will take the good behavior while I can get it.

And now, what everyone wants, pictures:

Christmas Kids

Bucket baby

Leah’s big present

Lars’ big present

At great grandma’s

Boo! I’m a santamen!

More Pictures in the album.

Now I will leave you with a little saying that Leah has learned from her dad. I bet this will never get old.

An actual real post, now with words!

I figure that I don’t have the time to really concentrate on doing work, and I have a limited time while the kids will let me sit uninterrupted at the computer — that I should really create some more content.

Lets do a quick run down of the happenings since we got back from the family beach trip. Laurence was baptized. Kelly returned to work after 16 weeks. Tom signed up for Twitter. I got food poisoning. We had thanksgiving. Kelly’s brand new car was hit by someone trying to squeeze by. Leah has learned her colors. Started looking for a new house. Have a huge list of stuff to do before we can put our house in the market. Kelly got flattened by an uber-cold. We ate thanksgiving fish.

Hmmm, I think that sums it up.

So about a week ago I woke up with what I am now thinking was food poisoning, but really could have been a bad stomach bug. I have just never heard of a stomach bug lasting THAT long. Seriously it was shooting out both ends for 3 days, then it took me till yesterday to not feel like vomiting. Even still I don’t ever feel hungry, and I haven’t poo’d in 4 days. Normally I’m like clock work (the kind of clocks that poo), seriously folks — how long is too long? Now that I am over that fun, I am battling a more manageable, yet still annoying, allergies.

Kelly seems like she is finally recovering from her super cold, which completely disabled her yesterday. I think she must have slept 20 hours. She would get up and nurse Lars, hand him over and announce “Imf going’d bake da bed.” I believe she described it as “razor wire around her brain.”


Earlier in the year we decided we were not going to go anywhere for Thanksgiving. Turns out that Kelly’s parents also intended to have a laid back T-day, and offered to drive our way and go out. So for Thanksgiving we went to McCormick & Schmick’s. While the company was great I was rather disappointed with the meal. Seriously my Wife can make better fish and rice in 10 min with nothing but a microwave. It didn’t help that we were not feeling great. The highlight of the day was taking Leah to see the windows a Macy’s. She just love running around outside — and nothing is better than outside with Uncky Neal and Grandma.

In the 16 weeks of Kelly’s maternity leave I had to commute twice. Once up to Leah’s daycare, then to work. This sucked. And during this time the construction on the beltway really picked up. So that inspired me to decide that I would rather pay two mortgages than continue to live with that. We have actually been to 4 places, a couple of which would work, and one that was really nice. My criteria is walking distance to the metro, however if we can find a place in McLean that is hella close to Kelly’s office I might get trumped. Which would be fine, since West Falls Church as good parking. One thing that I didn’t really expect was to be looking at single family homes that are smaller than our townhouse.

Added bonus: seems mortgage rates are improving. If we can actually sell our place the little experiment might just lead to less stress.

Grandpa is a funny guy!

Ooh rah!

Beach Week 2008

I’ve been meaning to post these for quite some time, probably even give a fun write up of the beach adventure. Unfortunately I’d rather play with Laurence and Leah or do work. I know, I know, I am a jerk.

Laurence chillin

Kisses from big sis

Building leah Estates

Leah Estates

Going surfing with The Cheat

Pool excitement

Working on her short game

Getting airborne at mini golf

Snoozing with Grandpa

Mom and Lars at Sunrise.

Family portrait.

More pics in the photo album.

Sock mouth is born

Leah and I just finished playing a nice round of sock-mouth

Sock mouth dates back to yesterday when we were eating some eggs for dinner. One of the bigger bits of eggs was still too hot when she put it in her mouth. so she spit it out and gave it a very suspicious look. You know one of those, how could you do that to me type looks. Well to make her feel better I treated that bit as if it were gross. I pushed it away and said yuck. She thought this was great. So she pushed it away too, I grabbed her hand and said yucky yuck! and the game was born.

At least the game of yucky eggs.

Tonight when I went to change her diaper she was very sad to be leaving the couch so I tried to cheer her up. She gave me the idea when she took off her sock and handed it to me. I shook it and said yuck, made a face and set it on the table next to her. She immediately associated the face and word yuck with the egg game and thus sock-mouth was born.

She tries to put the sock in her mouth and I make faces. She tries to put the sock in my mouth and I make faces. Then we run around squealing.

If it is a game, then there must be some way to win. I had to turn to Leah for inspiration on this one. But she sure found the definitive win condition.

First one to vomit wins. Shove a sock into your mouth till you throw up 2 fish sticks.

Oh wait, it’s Christmas now

I have been running round like crazy at work and getting ready for the holidays, that I entirely forgot that it is gonna be Christmas. Still sorta feel like it is a week or two away.

Work has been alittle nuts because I am doing some last minute stuff for a lil networking company that wants neat stuff to show off at the CES. I am pretty pumped about the show, especially now that we are bringing more people and staying on the strip, but find it a little frustrating that they all get free trips (i.e. they don’t have to do any panic coding for bipolar partners FOR the show). The bad part about the panicked coding is that I had to wrap up my real work so that I could get to it.

Now I need to get good at Ruby fast (which is actually a little frustrating because I am finally comfortable in Python). Oh, and enforce deployment processes. Strike that, automated deployment process. The Doc is the testing nazi, I the equivalent for version control, and it looks like I get to be it for deployment too. I don’t want that job.

Kelly got what appears to be a stomach bug, and has been pretty weak – so much so that we had to send little miss to grandma’s so that she could rest. Poor girl got hit with it as soon as her vacation started. Fortunately we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now, she woke up feeling much better. Then felt worse, but not nearly as bad, and, the best part, ate an entire meal for breakfast. Yay for pamcakes!

Beej and Katie (and Maggie and Luke) also came out for breakfast, where we exchanged presents and set up plans for some new years boringness. Which from the sound of it the Eshlers will get to partake in. It was awesome hanging out and talking after we ate. Mags and Luke were so quiet and happy the entire time and we had lots to talk about (read: babies and electronics).

Well, everyone is down for a nap, I am wired from a half dozen cups of coffee and gonna go read Why the Lucky Stiff for a bit.

Tired of your mop?

You should try mopping the inside of the oven while you are baking a cake.

Kelly decided to make a new exciting cake for my birthday, something she had never made before. I remember that she even noted that it looked like it was going to be more batter than the pans could hold. Apparently she dismissed that because maybe the cake was really dense. She should have listened to her instincts.

Once we got the baby down, and the cake in the oven Kelly and I were going to hang out in the basement. Well, I ran up to grab something and noticed that smoke was rising out of the oven. I cracked it open to have a look and was slammed in the face with an eye-stinging cloud of smoke. I noticed the cake was bubbling up and out of the pans. Immediately I ran up and popped the battery out of the smoke detector so that didn’t wake up the baby, and returned to investigate solutions to our smoke problems. I noticed that the cake that was still in the pan was just fine, that all the smoke was emanating from the batter that was setting on the floor of the oven. So I did what any guy would do. Soak a towel in cold water and strap it to the end of a broom handle and try to mop it up. Well, a towel rubber-banded to a stick makes a poor mop, and as I furiously la-na-za’d the bottom of the oven, there should be a commercial product that would enabled better mopping. But wait, a mop!

I grabbed our little sponge mop, soaked it up and started pushing the batter around on the bottom of the oven. Not something that really cleaned up the oven, it was more of a move-the-mess-around type activity. By the time I had established my process, Kelly finally got tired of shouting “what are you doing?” and came up to investigate.

Once she got over the initial confusion, she had the idea that we should take the half baked cake out of the oven and try to finish up the job. I concurred. At this point we took the sloshy cakes out and turned off the oven. Once we had the oven shelves out my process worked much better.

Once we were done we decided that we should at least try to finish baking the cake, so we popped it back in the oven. A little while later we discovered that twice baked cake is not nearly as good as twice baked potatoes.

My birthday cake this year was smores. I am not complaining.