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Henry’s problem

Henry has a serious problem. No, not the stink butt. Well, related to the sink butt. He has taken to ‘presenting.’ I will be sitting very nicely on the floor reading books with my little girl and this cat will come settle down inches away (he is determined to get as close as felinely possible to my face), and raise his tail straight into the air — haunches slightly elevated. If you brush him even slightly the hind quarters shoot into the air.

This is gross.

Especially if he is currently in full stink-butt mode. So, I have been looking for a way to fix this. I have tried simply turning him around, which seemed to be working ok, but he will often turn back around. And always starts by facing butt-wards.

I have tried scolding the cat while I turn him around, no workie. So I need to explore possible strategies for preventing this behavior. Here is what I have come up with:

Keep a ball point pen around to insert into the nearest orafice when he presents. I cannot imagine the behavior will persist if there is any probing done on a regualr basis. I have ruled this option out, as I would never be able to look Henry in the eye again.

OK, so that is the only option I have come up with so far. If anyone has an suggestions please let me know.