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Not subtraction

Dad: you need to do your addition cards
Lars: you mean subtraction
Dad: no addition
Lars: “ab,” it’s “abtraction”
Dad: no…
Lars: yes
Dad: it’s add
Lars: no, “abtraction”
Dad: add, “addtraction”
Lars: oh…”addtraction”
Dad: wait, no…never mind. What’s 7+5?

Any desert you want

The kids were really good at dinner this week. So we told them they could have any desert they wanted:

Leah immediately shouted “ICE CREAM!”

Makes sense.

Lars thought for a second, and said “breakfast tacos.” I paused at the unexpected request, then dutifully got up and made tacos. He loved them.

A type of icy snow

While playing Minecraft with dad:

Lars: What the hell!
Mom: What did you say?
Lars (sheepishly): “What the hell”
Mom (sternly): Oh, we don’t say that…
Dad: Do you know what “hell” means?
Lars (matter of factly): A type of icy snow
Mom: Well, that’s *is* grammy’s version of hell.

Lars is kinda grumpy

Me: Lars is kinda grumpy today.
Leah: I dont’ think he feels well.
Me: Yeah, that can do it.
Leah: Laurence sounds like the TARDIS he is so congested.

Lars came up with a new dinner game

We like to play games at dinner, things like Popcorn Questions or Twenty Questions. Last night Lars came up with a new one:

“Name things that are at District Taco.”

I was good at this game. Tacos. Chips. Osiris. Salsa. Chairs. Pineapple.