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Lunch on the town!

The kids are still out of school today, so into G’town for lunch with dad and then a movie. Lunch at Mama Rouge was quite tasty!

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Conversation with Lars

We just got back from London yesterday and I barely saw the kids this morning before I rushed out of the door for an early meeting. Lars beckoned me to his room after I tucked Leah in. We chatted for a while and then had this conversation:

Me: If you wake up in the middle of the he night and need me, just come on in.
Lars: Ok.
*Lars’s lip starts to quiver and he looks really sad.*
Lars: What if I don’t remember what time I’m supposed to come in? Between what time do you want me to come in?
Me: Oh baby! You don’t have to come in! If you sleep all night in your bed that’s just fine. That’s what is best. It’s just if you need me, you can come on in.
Lars: Sometimes I just sleep with my eyes closed all the way until morning. Sometimes I just need to rest.
Me: Ok, you rest, I’ll be in my room.
Lars: But I just need snuggles from this girl!
*throws his arm around my shoulder.*

How I am out here typing and not up in his room snuggling I don’t know.

Laurence v. Kindergarten

Anyone who has talked to us in the last nine months has heard about how much we struggled with the decision over what to do with Laurence this fall. He would be technically old enough to go to Kindergarten, but he’d be one of the youngest and, well, he’s Laurence. He isn’t so much into structure and order. At least not so far as we has observed at home.

We eventually decided to go for it – somewhat from a lack of other viable options and somewhat from a sense that he’d at least do ok. We were still quite nervous about how he’d do though.

So, did we make the right call? After a statistically invalid sample of 7 days, two of which included one or the other of us volunteering at lunchtime, we can say with great confidence that Laurence is winning at Kindergarten!!!

He’s coming home happy and energetic. He’s talkative about what he’s been doing (as long as there aren’t Legos to distract him). He’s been eating his fruits and vegetables most days. He was very well behaved under observation at lunch times. He’s been semi-cooperative about doing homework – not assigned by the teacher, just us giving him some writing practice while Leah does her homework. He’s still polite. He’s not radically louder. And he says he really likes school. Plus, no calls to the Principal’s Office for us, so win!

Nothing sums it up better though than his answer to the much anticipated, first day of school question “So, how did your day go?”

Laurence, in oh-so-typical, laid back fashion answered “Ummmm, it was kinda…super…awesome!”

Kinda super awesome! I’ll take that any day!

Boo – we couldn’t be prouder of your hard work! And we love you so much!! *You* are kinda super awesome!

World – look out! Lars is going to take you by storm.