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Camp Grandparents 2015

Guest post by Grampy

Activity Recap


  • Unpack at the Palladium


  • Took Grammy to the Secret Park – her first time
  • Movie at Tysons – Inside Out
  • Good grub at Coastal Flats
  • Unlimited Phineas & Ferb


Pandas at the National Zoo
  • Zoo with Grampy. Lions and tigers and pandas, oh my!
  • Lunch at DT — Orale!
  • Unlimited Phineas & Ferb
  • Grampy jones’n for ice cream sandwiches. Everyone wins.
  • Unexpected bedtime tuck-in by Mom and Dad


Luray Caverns
  • Larry Caverns (near Luray, VA). Are we there yet?
Who is Steve?
  • Who is Steve?
  • Unlimited Phineas & Ferb
  • Blue Apron pork chop dinner from home. Thanks Mom!


Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Leah makes her first pineapple upside down cake
  • Everyone gets sushi for lunch. Domo arigatou!
  • Unplanned Mayflower drive-by and saw our cats
  • Tutoring – can’t ALWAYS be the fun stuff
  • Consorting with the enemy – Chipotle for dinner
  • Unlimited Phineas & Ferb


Park with Grampy
  • Who wants pancakes? EVERYBODY!!
  • Leah and Grammy to farmers’ market
  • Leah and Grammy to shopping – and shopping!
  • Lars got stuff too!
  • Lars and Grampy to the park; met friends
  • Worked on the left-overs from the week
  • Unlimited Phineas & Ferb
  • Pack-out and dinner at H-O-M-E!
  • Grampy only gets a B+ on Leah’s Roman Empire history quiz

Lars gets another yo-yo

His first yo-yo, a much prized possession went missing. It was gone for about a week, and he has yo-yo club after school. Kelly, being a big softie, ran out to get him a replacement at midnight.

For anything else we would have just told him “tough, you gotta keep track of your things,” but, for some reason we both agreed. So off she went. And got 3. Just in case. Luckily yo-yos are cheap.

Then the funny thing. This morning when reading the card that came with his replacement:

The original. World’s #1 Yo Yo

But he read it “The original. World’s hashtag one yo-yo”

Not subtraction

Dad: you need to do your addition cards
Lars: you mean subtraction
Dad: no addition
Lars: “ab,” it’s “abtraction”
Dad: no…
Lars: yes
Dad: it’s add
Lars: no, “abtraction”
Dad: add, “addtraction”
Lars: oh…”addtraction”
Dad: wait, no…never mind. What’s 7+5?

Any desert you want

The kids were really good at dinner this week. So we told them they could have any desert they wanted:

Leah immediately shouted “ICE CREAM!”

Makes sense.

Lars thought for a second, and said “breakfast tacos.” I paused at the unexpected request, then dutifully got up and made tacos. He loved them.