Conversation with Lars

We just got back from London yesterday and I barely saw the kids this morning before I rushed out of the door for an early meeting. Lars beckoned me to his room after I tucked Leah in. We chatted for a while and then had this conversation:

Me: If you wake up in the middle of the he night and need me, just come on in.
Lars: Ok.
*Lars’s lip starts to quiver and he looks really sad.*
Lars: What if I don’t remember what time I’m supposed to come in? Between what time do you want me to come in?
Me: Oh baby! You don’t have to come in! If you sleep all night in your bed that’s just fine. That’s what is best. It’s just if you need me, you can come on in.
Lars: Sometimes I just sleep with my eyes closed all the way until morning. Sometimes I just need to rest.
Me: Ok, you rest, I’ll be in my room.
Lars: But I just need snuggles from this girl!
*throws his arm around my shoulder.*

How I am out here typing and not up in his room snuggling I don’t know.