I told Laurence there was going to be a new starwars movie

We were done with songs and stories at bedtime and I mentioned to him that there was going to be a new starwars movie. The conversation went something like this:

L: A new starwars movie? For us?
C: Yep, episode vii
L: Can we go see it?
C: Yes, but it will be a long time
L: When I am 5?
C: No, probably 6
L gasps with excitement
L: When I am 6 and I am a grown up we can go see star wars that weekend! Then I am a grown up and can drive you in a car!
C: What car are you gonna drive?
L: Your truck
C: Don’t you want to get a job and buy your own car
L nods
C: What kind of a car will you have?
L: Gotta have a jeep
C: Where will you work?
L: At the same work as you
C: What will you do there?
L: Make things. Some paper things. I will make paper airplanes. And the guys will come in, and you can be the granddad and will tell them that I make the paper airplanes and I will be the dad and make paper things and then we can have all the things and when we are done we will go to see our new STARWARS movie!
C: Yes buddy, but it is time to sleep now.
L continues to thrash about excitedly clambering on about making paper airplanes and watching episode vii.
I am so excited to take Laurence to see a new star wars movie in the theater.