Beautiful april day in Texas

In case you don't know, we have shipped Leah off with her Grandma to visit family in texas and see the bluebonnets. They are gonna be there for about a week, and she just left on Friday. You'd be proud of Kelly, she is really trying hard to not call them 5 times a day, because she really wants to. But we get a call this morning form Leah during church, and as soon as service is over she calls back.

Leah answers the phone, and Kelly puts it on speaker. After a very chipper "hi mommy!" Leah goes on "We are at the airport now, when are you gonna pick is up." To which Kelly responds with "Um, wait, what — um."

She totally had her, for a second there she duped her mom. The delivery was so good. Just nailed it. She then proudly announced "APRIL FOOLS!" and we went on with the conversation.

I am sure there was coaching involved, but  you gotta give the girl credit for the execution.

Today marks the very first practical joke Leah has played on her mom. She has a +1 in awesome.