So I took Leah to the toy store

Leah was really good for her Mom while I was off at a Programming Conference for the entire day yesterday. Kelly told me a half dozen stories why she was so good — how he was helping to take care of her brother while he was sick, let Laurence have his pick and never complained.

So I wanted to do something nice for her. I took her to the toy store and said you have a budge of $30 you can pick anything in the store as long as it is under that.

Well we wondered around and she pointed out a few things she would like, and in the end settled on a little disney princess dress-up set. It was only $17, so I suggested she get another small one to go with it, Now we were up to $23. I pointed it out, after making her do the arithmetic to figure out how much, that she still had a surplus.

She said "well, Laurence might like a little toy too," and while he played at the little train table we went and picked out a little star wars figure that cost $7.99. I let the 99¢ slide.

I don't deserve her.