Second day of School

Excuse the spelling and grammar, its late, but I wanted to get this posted.

So we have survived two entire days of kindergarden. Leah is doing really well overall.
Yesterday we took her down to her bus. It was a cool rainy day. We meet the other neighborhood kids at the bus stop, and Kelly knew one or two of the families there. We brought Laurence along so both Kelly and I could be there for the big event. And Leah was pretty happy and eager until about two steps onto the bus. All the other kids rushed on, leaving her to climb up by her self. As she was ascending the stairs she had that moment of hesitation. Suddenly stopped, and looked back with that “wait a second, I am not so sure about this look.” But continued to her seat and sat and waved to us.

I spent the rest of the day constantly wondering where she was, and what she was up to. Kelly and I texted back and forth with guesses about what her day was going like.

Last night as we were snuggling down for bed she was chattering on about all the different things that happen at school, when boom! Out of the blue she breaks into tears. She is very upset because she “doesn’t remember where her classroom is,” and the more I try to comfort her, the more she insists that she needs to know how to get there. Eventually we calm down and talk about how you can ask any teacher to help, and as long as she knows the name of her teacher they can find where to take her.

I picked her up from her after school care today, and when I got there she jumped up to greet me with all the joy she could muster. Then quickly looked down sadly and said she didn’t get to finish her drawing. When I told her she could finish it, she brightened back up. Guess school can’t be so bad if you don’t want to leave.