Can Batman’s Car Fly?

Little conversation with my daughter on the drive in today, while she was
playing with Lars’ toy bat-mobile.

Leah: Can batman’s car fly?

Me: Yes, a little bit. But not for very long.

Leah: How do you know that.

Me: It was in the batman movie

Leah: You watched a batman movie?

Me: Yep.

Leah: Is this batman movie in our house?

Me: I don’t think it is in our house, I watched it in a movie theater.

Leah: Can I watch this batman movie?

Me: It is a little too grown up for you, you can watch it when you are

Leah: Can I watch it when I am 17?

Me: Yes, when you are 17 you can watch it.

Leah: COOL!