Snow vs. Trees

And the snow won, mostly. 

During the big snow storm this week we had some extremely heavy snow. Probably only 8″ fell, but it was very dense and sticky. The trees were really struggling with it.

Including the Japanese maple in our front yard. The power had gone out for while and we were all sitting looking the the snow falling in the front yard when I noticed the power lines that run through the tree were more V shaped than U, and I started getting concerned. Eventually I noticed that the telephone line that went to the other side of the house had collapsed–with out the help of trees, just from the snow. 

Decided that I needed to go trim that tree and get some of those bigger branches off. Normally I would be a little trepidatious about trimming next to the power line, but the power was out, so I wasn’t too worried. So I went tromping through the snow in the back yard to get the tree pruner from the shed when I noticed that there were large branches on the ground all around the shed.

I walked very slowly, looking up at the branches straining to hold up the snow, as I made my way to the shed. I tried to be very careful not to walk under any of the larger trees, but it was not always possible. As I made it to the shed, I looked down only to deal with the pad lock and the moment I did, I heard a thunderous crack and thud as a large limb came crashing down no more than 10′ away from where I was standing. 

Needless to say, I was wide awake at that point.

I grabbed the pruner, and made my way back to the front yard to deal with the maple, and a few other ornamental trees that were doubled over with their fluffy white blanket. The kids had a great time watching me knock large amounts of snow directly onto my head. 

Later that night I heard, well more felt, a crash from the back side of the house. Went back to look and found that one of our large pine trees snapped off about 30″ up and landed in the neighbor’s yard. This is a little extra fun, because they have just recently moved in and I had not yet met them. The next morning i knocked on his door and asked why he stole my tree.  Luckily he was cool about the entire situation.



I had a better night than the poor folks stuck on Rt. 123 behind my house, I was up at 1:30 AM to stoke the fire and they were still sitting there.