Rise and Fall of the Bean’d Chili

We went to defend our SwapDrive Chili Cookoff Ladle of Victory tonight and came up short. I will add that Kelly and I both voted for Doug (a.k.a. The Texan), and had we not we would have won — however, he brought a great entry, and well…Fritos. It was great to see the SwapDrivers, and I just want to keep a good solid showing at the event. Justin’s was his best yet, and Pete’s rocked—especially with extra cheese and DT chips. When I walked out I was inspired to organize a spring SwapDrive BBQ Battle. I greater-than-three those peoples.

Standing around at the chili cookoff, leah walks up to me and says “Dad come down here, lower near me!” punches me in the chest and announces “POWNED!”

I was indeed powned. I was just glad that Doug was standing right there to see it.

On the drive home, we had this conversation:

Leah: Mom you make really good soup
Kelly: Thanks sweetie
Leah: Dad, you are the best
Chris: Aw, thanks -- what about Nene?
Leah: He's CRAZY!
Everyone: LOLs
Laurence: Pamcake! YAY!*

We had to head home to watch our Hokies in the ACC championships. I got the fire going again, and kelly observed “Watching football in front of the fire, by the glow of the christmas tree: you win at life.” Didn’t hurt that Laurence was ballistically happy at the time.

Go Hokies!

* Lars may not have said this at this exact moment, but he has been saying this particular phrase a lot recently.