Mommy, are you allowed to do that?

I went to the DCRUG after work, so I didn’t some home and help wrangle the kids. With our recent cold spell, wrangling the kids often includes building a fire to keep the living room warm and toasty. Well Kelly took it upon herself to get the house warm.

She set out to build the fire, gathered kindling, got a few logs stacked up, use a bit a news paper and did all the prep necessary to get a roaring fire going. While she was doing all this Leah came over and asked “Mommy, are you allowed to make a fire?” Everything was ready except for one thing, opening the flue. Honest mistake, we have all made it—I have made it.

Since she did such a good job in prepping the fire took off and poured smoke into the house. The flames were too large for kelly to reach in and open the flue at this point. So she did what anyone with their wits about them would do. Got the spray bottle we use for Leah’s hair and ‘misted’ the fire out.

I was impressed that she kept her cool, not because she couldn’t handle it, but the level of freaked that Leah achieved was (so I hear) monumental. Wailing and flopping about whist declaring she didn’t want to burn the house up.

At this point I am reassured that if Lars ever plays with matches that his sister would rat him out in a heartbeat.