Christmas Recap 2010

Christmas for little kids is truly awesome.

Christmas with little kids is rad.

From what I can tell Christmas with grandkids blows them both away. Grandma, Grandpa, Nonni and Papa blew their little minds.

Laurence has only taken off his thomas the train jammas for a bath, after which he promptly exclaimed “train jamma I wear it!” Leah insisted she do Neal makeup, with her new kit, so he can be so pretty.

We did out regular turn in richmond for Christmas Eve with my side of the fam, and this year we had extra fun because Nikki and Anthony were in town for the first time in years. Plus Anthony made espresso multiple times, and I had multiple cups of it. If he ever wanted to come live at my house I am pretty sure I would be content as long has he kept the hyper burnt bean juice flowing.

Amiee made christmas brunch for the family. And let me tell you, combining brunch with holiday food was a good idea. The fact that she had enough mini eclairs and spiced cookies for 80 people was just a bonus.

Back up in McLean we had a nice lazy start to Christmas day. Lars was up early and we just drug him to bed and watched some Christmas cartoons while mom attempted to snooze. Eventually Leah wondered in and joined us. She it inquire if “today was a school day” and I said “nope, we got to stay home — but what would you like to do today?” took her a minute, but it dawned on her. “Open presents,” she replied rather sheepishly. Her mom agreed and we all went down to the living room to have at it.

Honestly I was a little worried that Leah was going to feel slighted because Lars’ train set was so big and took up half the floor, but when the two of them got down there they blew right past to go play with her tea set. Eventually he came back to it, and played for hours, but it was kinda nice to have them start out playing nicely together.

We built a fire. It stared snowing. These big fluffy flakes. I exclaimed it was a Christmas Miracle. Judging by the ear-to-ear grin on Kelly’s face, she really believed it was.

Grandma and Grandpa arrived with Neal in tow — we at an amazing breakfast of some sort of soufflé that we affectionately referred to as “meat bread.” Which put right smack into a round of naps. We all staggered back to beign awake in time to put the roast in the oven and rock that for dinner. Cracked open wine we had from presents and a few of my birthday present beers, cooked the roast with gift-bacon and ate. Alot.

We kept the fire going all day. We also pulled all the wraping paper out from multiple massive black trash bags looking for a lost gift card. Grandpa got the stuck on the bag that had the poopie diaper in it. We later found that the card was left at Grandma’s house. Yay poopie!

Noticed I said “the poopie diaper” not “a poopie diaper.” This was intentional. It was that poopie.