Getting ready for Chi-town

Kelly is already in the windy city for work and we thought we could take advantage of this for an economy weekend escape. So we are gonna pack the kids away for grandma’s and I am gonna make my way to the back scatter machine at National tomorrow (ladies of TSA, you are welcome) to go out and meet her. We followed Michaels guidance and are all setup at the Palomar, and entrusted our dinner reservations to them. I do not expect to be disappointed.

to prep for this little trip, when I finally drug the kids home this evening I went up in the attic to fetch the big suit case. While I was up there I notice that the mouse traps were all occupied, so I toted it down and placed it in the hallway. I instructed Leah to take it to her room and pack for grandmas. I went back into the attic armed with two plastic grocery bags and a butter knife with peanut butter. Once I was don disposing of the tiny corpses and rebating the traps I returned from the attic and washed up. This was the first moment that I realized I had left a 4 year old and a 2 year old in charge of packing for the weekend. I was very intrigued to see what they had packed, because judging from the conversations I heard down the hall they were hard at work on the task. Turns out they packed, among other things: lip gloss, an alarm clock, a giant oversized farewell card, 3 pairs of underwear, mismatched pajamas, and what seemed to be a couple of dozen skirts. Not too bad.

More impressive what how open they were when I came and ‘corrected’ their packing. Turns out they think it is a fun activity. They may prefer it to coloring.