Chicagoland Escape

If any of you were following my wife’s play-by-play on twitter this may be a little redundant for you — but we just got back from our Chicago escape. She was out there for work and I flew out to meet her and we did the touristy thing. It was an awesome trip. A large part of the awesome was the Palomar and the awesome people there. I could just drop and email to the concierge and everything would be all setup. Didn’t even have to talk to people. It ruled.


Friday night we did the Magnificent Mile, some shopping, some drinks and wound up back at our hotel’s restaurant for dinner. Had to prowl for a table in the lounge, but we scored one and the food was phenomenal. One tip, if the menu says “crispy pork belly flat bread” they mean “bacon pizza.”

Saturday we talked down through the parks where we stumbled across the Virginia Tech solar house in Millennium park. We stopped in long enough to ask the kids where they were watching the game that afternoon. Made our way back to Navy Pier and had a couple of hotdogs and Kelly found us an architecture boat tour. Our guide was like a funnier female version of Ted Mosby. The tour was very interesting, and we didn’t really start shivering uncontrollably until the last 10 minutes or so. Back at the hotel we found they had hot chocolate set out in the lobby. I put extra chocolate chips and whipped cream on ours. We thawed in front of the fire.


Caught the game at Rockit bar, which was my kinda place. And we had our dinner at Naha. Naha was certainly good, but not the best either. And I Kelly and I discussed at dinner for the pricy fine dining places, we have really high bar — and Naha was just up to it, but not by much. It could have been that I was exhausted and we had late reservations.