Damn you, Murphy!

Started the week off by staying home sick thinking the intense pain in my hear and constant hacking was an ear infection. Just a nasty cold, sent home.

Tried to drive into work the day after and traffic was worst I had ever seen it on constitution. While stuck in this got a call from Kelly saying that Leah’s school had given her lice and she now needed to go home. I did a impromptu U turn on in the middle of Constitution and kicked the carpoolers out. Which was probably a win, since the walk would most likely be faster than sitting in that mess.

Kelly and I juggled meetings and entertaining a dejected little girl. You’d think she would be too young to feel like an outcast for something like this, but that girl sure acted like it. Eventually she came around but it took some effort on our part. Walking to mickey-dee’s to get some nuggs for lunch sure helped.

We were doing laundry constantly to wash every textile that came in contact with human hair. Turns out this is all of them. Once we got the car seat covers in to wash we heard a loud bang come from the washer. Shortly after that we had nearly an inch of water on the floor. I used a sandbox pail to bail out the washer tub.

Next day we awoke to a loud sound coming form Lars’ room. This sound could best be described as an excited bleat. I am pretty sure that was my son’s response to waking up and discovering he had been sleeping in a puddle of his own vomit. Yes, it was caked in his hair. Added bonus, we stripped the sheets off his crib and forgot to put one back on the mattress.

We can’t wash his blanky, mattress pad or PJs because the washer is broke. They stink. Since we have failed to scoop the litter box all week with the chaos in the house the laundry room has a very unique vomit and cat urine smell. That smell could be marketed as a non-leatheal deterrent to protect cruse liners against somali pirates. Assume they are down wind.

Now, what am I gonna get my mom for mother’s day?

Edit from The Wife – This was not all the joy last week had to offer the Sextons. Chris forgot to mention that every single bottle of kids medicine in our house was recalled. And that Leah got super sick on Friday, including vomiting. At least she made it to a proper receptacle. But she did run a fever of 103 and get super shaky so I’m not sure I wouldn’t have preferred more unwashable vomit. Regardless, it was another day home from work. And while I’m super glad that Leah felt much better after taking the motrin it was not good for my productivity. But we had a great Mother’s Day and it’s a new week so I think things are looking up!