Musical Road Trip

I blame Ruby 5.

At the end of one of their podcasts they concluded with Statistician’s Blues, which lead me on a quest to figure out who wrote the song. Not long after I had found Todd Snider, and a few of his gems like Beer Run and Alright Guy.

Grabbed a few albums on the iTunes, got Neal into it, he passed it along to his Dad and before you know it we have tickets to a show. Unfortunately his gig at Ram’s Head was sold out so we decided to go for the next closest thing — World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

Getting there was a bit of a pain. I had a work emergency as I was supposed to be walking out the door. Luckily that only held us up an hour. Unluckily that pushed us into rush our for both Baltimore and Philly. Aside from the painful traffic and a few wrong turns we still got there in time for the opener. Then we found out from our waitress that the opener didn’t make it, so her boyfriend was gonna play for us.

Lets just say he was not the worst opening act ever, and aside from being flustered and retelling the story of running home to get his guitar 4 times — was good to listen to.

When Todd finally came out he blew the doors of that joint. It was an amazing show, and the crowd was really into it.

Drive home was much more pleasant, and I was able to be in the house before 2 AM.