Two green MMs

Leah kept asking for candy, I assume it is because she found the bowl of M&Ms I stuck on the top shelf of the desk. But I didn’t cave right away.

I told Leah that she could have two, count ‘em, two pieces of candy if she was good for her bath. She asked if they could be green candies, and I agreed.

We then went up for baths, and she did great. Even during the de-tangling of her hair. Her mom tagged me out about ½ way though. When they were done they cam back downstairs and she asked if she could watch a movie. I said no, but we could play a game. She picked out candy land and Kelly reminded her that she also got to have candy. So I went and grabbed both the green M&Ms and set them next to the candy land board.

She smiled and said “thank you.” Then she handed one to me and said “we can share, this one is for you.”

At this point I died. Yep. I must be a zombie now.

Seriously. How can you get a 3 year old to share HALF of her candy? Especially when all her candy consisted of a whopping 2 M&Ms.


Story time, shortly after candy land. Did I mention I won this time? It was a first.