I wrote this (posting here for posterity)

I wrote this, although I don’t remember writing it. I do remember going there — and I am clearly the “me” in this post.

There was a time when we did not know how large groupes of people would react to our students in public. So we took a group to Kinds dominion to preform a few expermints. We found that the main reaction to doing the splits between the hand rails — while waiting in line for the Hurler — is only a few awkward stares. It turns out that most people don’t even notice that we are exchangin a flurry of mock attacks while wondering between rides. Hardly anyone noticed that we were bowing to the camera on that first big drop.

The high points of our trip included such things as having to hold Joanna in the Rebel Yell (or she would have flown out!) and Sending Meline, Suzie and Me on the Extreme Flyer. I leaned two things from that ride — Suzie is not scared of anything and Mel is freakishly strong.

Overall our trip to Kings Dominion was a success, While I am not sure that the Public in general is ready for wushu students, they did not reject us out right. However Keye did seem to baffel them with his softball-basket-toss skills.

Good times.