What’s the deal with them Sextons?

It has been a long time, I think twitter is bad for my blogging schedule.

Well, lets recap the last lots of weeks.

Leah went to Texas with her grandma, and returned with a strong command of family relationships. We can ask her questions like who is your Mommy’s Grandma or who is Grandma’s Mommy and she will nail them. I don’t think I had that good of an understanding until I was 12. She has explained in great detail about how she went on the black airplane in the sky with grandma .

Shortly after that, or was it before that, Kelly went to Boston for work. I think she was gone 3 days, but it felt like weeks. I had to reconfigure the morning routine so that I could handle it. I cannot deal with the complexities of getting the kids dressed, fed and in the car first thing in the morning.

Before things settled down from the first couple trips I ran of to RailsConf in Vegas. The fun part of this trip was convincing Kelly to come join me. Vegas is a much different place when you decidedly pace your self and try to relax. I am really glad that my coworker, Scott, and his wife were able to hang out with us for the weekend. That town is just too weird to be with out friends. It was a good trip, from the sad story of Monorail Pidgin to the joy that was Bouchon.

We’ve only been back a week now but I am going to be scooting off to San Francisco for WWDC in a week — poor wife. All this travel has Leah a little out of wack and I saved my longest trip for last. You know, to rub it in.