An actual real post, now with words!

I figure that I don’t have the time to really concentrate on doing work, and I have a limited time while the kids will let me sit uninterrupted at the computer — that I should really create some more content.

Lets do a quick run down of the happenings since we got back from the family beach trip. Laurence was baptized. Kelly returned to work after 16 weeks. Tom signed up for Twitter. I got food poisoning. We had thanksgiving. Kelly’s brand new car was hit by someone trying to squeeze by. Leah has learned her colors. Started looking for a new house. Have a huge list of stuff to do before we can put our house in the market. Kelly got flattened by an uber-cold. We ate thanksgiving fish.

Hmmm, I think that sums it up.

So about a week ago I woke up with what I am now thinking was food poisoning, but really could have been a bad stomach bug. I have just never heard of a stomach bug lasting THAT long. Seriously it was shooting out both ends for 3 days, then it took me till yesterday to not feel like vomiting. Even still I don’t ever feel hungry, and I haven’t poo’d in 4 days. Normally I’m like clock work (the kind of clocks that poo), seriously folks — how long is too long? Now that I am over that fun, I am battling a more manageable, yet still annoying, allergies.

Kelly seems like she is finally recovering from her super cold, which completely disabled her yesterday. I think she must have slept 20 hours. She would get up and nurse Lars, hand him over and announce “Imf going’d bake da bed.” I believe she described it as “razor wire around her brain.”


Earlier in the year we decided we were not going to go anywhere for Thanksgiving. Turns out that Kelly’s parents also intended to have a laid back T-day, and offered to drive our way and go out. So for Thanksgiving we went to McCormick & Schmick’s. While the company was great I was rather disappointed with the meal. Seriously my Wife can make better fish and rice in 10 min with nothing but a microwave. It didn’t help that we were not feeling great. The highlight of the day was taking Leah to see the windows a Macy’s. She just love running around outside — and nothing is better than outside with Uncky Neal and Grandma.

In the 16 weeks of Kelly’s maternity leave I had to commute twice. Once up to Leah’s daycare, then to work. This sucked. And during this time the construction on the beltway really picked up. So that inspired me to decide that I would rather pay two mortgages than continue to live with that. We have actually been to 4 places, a couple of which would work, and one that was really nice. My criteria is walking distance to the metro, however if we can find a place in McLean that is hella close to Kelly’s office I might get trumped. Which would be fine, since West Falls Church as good parking. One thing that I didn’t really expect was to be looking at single family homes that are smaller than our townhouse.

Added bonus: seems mortgage rates are improving. If we can actually sell our place the little experiment might just lead to less stress.

Grandpa is a funny guy!

Ooh rah!