Laurence plays games

Kelly has discovered that Laurence can play a few games. Not nearly as advanced as Leah was when I blogged about her games, but he plays them all the same.

Biggest eyes
Holdin’ meh head ups
I’s so mad im gonna turn red
Pee on dad
It’s 3 AM and i wanna eat!

Leah had an interesting nap earlier. I went up to check on her to see if she was still asleep to find a very sheepish little girl missing a diaper. I smelled a bit of an odor, and noticed the diaper folded up on the floor. Sure enough she took her dirty diaper off and went back to bed. I can’t blame her one bit—I wouldn’t want to sleep in that either. She even got the wipes and cleaned her self up. Sure we may need to run the comforter through the wash, but for a two year old I was impressed.

Backing up the MacBook is bogging down the network so much that our IP phones are choppy. It also makes the compy pretty hot.