Laurence’s Second Day

I figured I could post the details here of what’s going on with the little boy. Good news is he is doing better now, but had a bit of a rough day.

Everything was shiny happy until 10:30 this morning when the Lactation Consultant was worried about his breathing, which was supposed to be 30 breaths per min, not 60. Initially they were worried he had an oxygen deficiency, but the monitors he was hooked up to showed that he was ok in that area. However, they did test his blood sugar and he was too low so the Doc said we had to supplement with formula. Turns out that low blood sugar is expected with breast-fed babies, but combined with the rapid breathing was reason enough to feed him the stinky stuff.

They also ordered a chest X-Ray, which turned up some fluid in his lungs. Apparently this is fairly normal with planned C-Sections, since he didn’t get a good squeezing to help remove any extra liquid.

Nursing is not going as well as we would hope, but as we found out with Leah, that is not the end of the world (and with today’s events doesn’t seem like a big deal at all).

Pray for Laurence’s Mama, she is prolly taking it the worst of anyone. I have currently taken her phone away and she will get calling privileges back after she has a few hours of continuos sleep.

The latest word on the boy is he is off the O2 monitor and is allowed to come back to our room (which I declined so Mom could get some sleep). After I fed him last the Doc came and measured his blood sugar and breathing and seemed happy with the improvements.