Prioritize your projects

I went and saw Dr. Malani, who gave me antibiotics, and in about a day and a half I was feeling much better. Now I feel good enough that I’m guilty for not going to the gym. I really need to work out.

I’ve made good progress on the ceiling. Started the painting, and took down the hermetically sealed plastic dust barrier, which make our living room much more pleasant. I need a few more coats of paint and some blue touch up on the walls and we can move our furniture back to where it goes. I can’t wait.

Now we have to prioritize the next few projects.

1) Paint the stairwell
2) Carpet the stairs (dependant on #1)
3) Clear out the guest room to make it Leah’s new room
4) Purchase furniture, paint and other niceties for Leah’s new room (prereq: #3)
5) Patio
6) Repair lawn with compost and overseeding (stupid fertilizer/pesticide, I just wanted to get rid of the ants)

Between home projects, the fact that this month is chaos at work since we are about to go live with my big project and the work contest it is looking a little overwhelming. Why is it when we are overwhelmed we get less done, but have more to do? Not helpful.

In fun new, little miss has a new favorite song. The ABC’s. She will get all excited and ask for “more-more” even before we finish. She dosn’t know all her letters, infact she normally says “C-C-C” but throws in a few random letters, maybe a “B” maybe a “R.” She definitely knows “Z,” her favorite letter, which she screams as loud as she can. And once the song is down we throw our hands up in the air and yell “touchdown!”

I can’t wait till she goes to kindergarten and wants to know why everyone else says something as obvious as “now I know my ABC’s” at the end of the song. Those losers.

Oh, a co-worker was able to convince work that I need to go to the RailsConf at the end of the month, so I am psyched about that. I should check with Paulo to see if he is going again this year.