I heard a frog try to say beep-beep

It hasn’t been the best week. The pollen count has been crazy high, so my allergies have been going crazy. I think this lead to some sort of infection, one that thought it would be fun to make me unable to open my eyes in the morning. Not conjunctivitis, iv’e had that, that’d be worse, this is just a little insult over the cough and congestion that is normally associated with this season. To top it all off I seem to have lost my normal speaking voice, in its place I have this raspy thing that likes to crack and squeak a lot. Especially when I am trying to talk to my little miss. You can’t say “beep-beep” at all like this. Really can pull the fun out of playing.

[Wow, vim takes nearly 30 seconds to look up conjunctivitis with spell check]

So the house has been as problematic as my sinuses. Once we finally got fed up with the stair contractors and paid them to leave an unfinished job, the upstairs toilet decided it didn’t like to hold all that water in the tank and let it drip on the floor. The tile floor, in an amazing delegation effort decided that it too was not going to be burdened with the wet stuff, and passed it on down. The living room ceiling really tried to hold it up, but it was just poorly equipped for the job. So I got to spend last weekend ripping it down (I guess I punished it for not doing a job it was not designed to do, oh well), and replacing it. Drywall is just the sort of thing a severe allergy suffer loves. Monday the wife discovers that the power room toilet was constantly running, and quietly turned off the water and decided to spare me until I was in a better place. Apparently work is a better place, cause she told me on the phone while I was there. Luckily it was a pretty easy fix, and has yet figured out how to cause more damage. While it was an easy battle, it was a battle non-the-less. And I am tired and don’t want to play plumbing any more.

[I have been on the platform for about 20 min, and still no estimate when the next train will be here, sure it’s 1 in the afternoon, but I need me a train]

I think the other thing that’s really a bummer is the house prices in Burke. Of course I knew they dropped, but didn’t think they had gotten as low as they have. We were in the lucky 5% of Fairfax that the assessed value didn’t fall, but everything in the neighbourhood seems to be selling for less than that. Kinda takes the fun out of home projects if the value is drooping.

Work has come up with a bit of fun, we have decided to hold a programming contest, complete with an alluring prize. I felt pretty cool when everyone decided that I was the favorite to win and as such a number of people have asked to team up. I am pretty excited about how competitive people have gotten while remaining helpful. Everybody shares their ideas and the competitors will even offer advice on how to get those ideas to work. It really shows how cool the engineers are at the company.

We will see if everyone can continue to play nice together (this is a gentleman’s game, after all) and if the power-that-be are happy with the results—maybe we can do it again.

My biggest problem is deciding if I have enough time to get involved in the silliness.

On the train now, should be at work no later than 2, and boy could I use a nap.