Feels like Caturday

Pete, Shawn and I stayed late last night to crank out the integrated ecomm stuff that has been demanded of us. While it was extremely frustrating from a I-think-they-will-yank-it-in-6-months point of view, it was actually fun to hack away and actually produce working results. Pete pointed out that we had more consecutive coding hours in the office than we had been able to pull off in months. This managing thing really sucks your day away. Plenty of the other guys stayed later than normal to help (or at least offered to do so), plus Shawn insisted on staying until we were all done. Made all the difference, having the team unified like that. Oh, and our California colleague was right in it with us, though three time zones away (and he had to do all his work in C++).

With all it’s frustrations (and late nights) I love my job.

Since it is supposed to rain today, I had Kelly pick up some compost. Don’t worry, they loaded it for her. But with the late night I was out seeding and composting ‘bout 10:30. Kinda makes you wonder what the neighbours thought. Oh, I did screw it up a bit. I went down stairs and grabbed a bag of grass seed to come up and over seed the spots I burned with fertilizer. Well it was dark and I didn’t notice it was fertilizer and was able to dump a few good handfuls on a couple of the already burned spots. So I proceeded, in the dark, to try and pick it back up. I ripped up the dead grass, scrapped the dirt—barehanded—to get as much as I could. Noticing there was still a decent amount in the healthy grass next to the dead spot, I got out the hose to wash it out and attempted to scoop it up with my hands. This mostly resulted in what one could call a muddy mess. I did get alot back up, I just hope it is enough to save what healthy grass.