T-Minus 3 days

We have passed the halfway mark of the great Leah famine of 2008.

Just in case you don’t know, Leah went to Texas with her Grandmother who wanted to take her to see the bluebonnets and visit family. I thought this would be a great time to get a lot of stuff done around the house, Kelly thought this would be a good time to go insane. Now that is probably the good and healthy for a mother who’s baby girl changed time zones with out her.

As I mentioned, I was hoping to get a bunch of stuff done, but the preceding weeks have been a little rough and we are mostly using the time to rest, recover and spend quality toddler free time with the wife. My goal has shifted from getting Leah’s new room cleared out to eating out at nice places and going to the movies. If it hadn’t been for the stairway-to-debacle project or the surprise trip to Austin i’m sure plenty of progress would have been made on little miss’s new room, but I’ll take what I can get.

Aside from the phone call’s from Kelly’s mom about the massive deviations from Leah’s normal schedule and the news of a fever, we are handling this pretty well. She will return home on Wednesday, and there is no way that either of us will stay home from the airport. However, I am a little scared to get between Leah and her Mom when they are fresh off the plane, least Leah choose to come to me first. I would not want to suffer the consequences if that were to happen. And there would be consequences.

We did go downtown for brunch today, but it was wet and dreary so we decided to skip the walk around the tidal basin for the Cherry Blossoms. A bit of a bummer, but Kelly got the pedicure and I got to hang in the coffee shop and play on the MBP.

I think we are going to finish off the weekend nice and easy: Kelly has a book, I am playin’ rails, and maybe some wings for dinner.

Anyone want some wings?