Chris didn’t really want to go to bed did he?

Guest Post by Kelly

So, we’re all pretty tired today after being out late last night for Colin Hay and we have to get up and out early tomorrow for one of my wonderful pregnancy mandated tests so we were talking about going to bed early. We even got Little Miss down a good 30 minutes before normal and were finishing our prep for a quick exit in the morning.

But then I suspected that Chris didn’t really want to go to bed so I had to save him from himself and find a plan that would keep him up, and ideally work him up so that he wouldn’t be able to sleep even once he finished dealing with whatever scheme I came up with. So like a good wife, I thought and thought for a few minutes and then settled on a brilliant plan.

Drywall. Plumbing. Ceiling. Leaks.

What more could a guy ask for?

Currently Chris is standing on step stool, cutting holes in our ceiling and occasionally asks for more buckets or towels. You see, about a week ago we discovered that our toilet was leaking so Chris turned off the water and drained it and planned to fix it when he had a moment to breathe. Then sometime between Friday and today the water got turned back on and left on so the toilet kept on leaking. Right into our living room ceiling. We’re hoping that one sheet of drywall will be big enough to replace everything he’s tearing down right now.

So, any of you project-savvy blog readers who are just itching for a home project to work on, have we got a fun one for you!

At least we’ve scored some tupperware, a grocery bag, and some assorted crap that we found between the ceiling and flooring.

Fun times at Fort Truxion!