Sock mouth is born

Leah and I just finished playing a nice round of sock-mouth

Sock mouth dates back to yesterday when we were eating some eggs for dinner. One of the bigger bits of eggs was still too hot when she put it in her mouth. so she spit it out and gave it a very suspicious look. You know one of those, how could you do that to me type looks. Well to make her feel better I treated that bit as if it were gross. I pushed it away and said yuck. She thought this was great. So she pushed it away too, I grabbed her hand and said yucky yuck! and the game was born.

At least the game of yucky eggs.

Tonight when I went to change her diaper she was very sad to be leaving the couch so I tried to cheer her up. She gave me the idea when she took off her sock and handed it to me. I shook it and said yuck, made a face and set it on the table next to her. She immediately associated the face and word yuck with the egg game and thus sock-mouth was born.

She tries to put the sock in her mouth and I make faces. She tries to put the sock in my mouth and I make faces. Then we run around squealing.

If it is a game, then there must be some way to win. I had to turn to Leah for inspiration on this one. But she sure found the definitive win condition.

First one to vomit wins. Shove a sock into your mouth till you throw up 2 fish sticks.