Leah Does Stuff

Guest post by Kelly

So, at a little more than 18 months I think we’re starting to see both a very independent streak appear in Leah, right on schedule, as well as some other behaviors I wasn’t quite ready for yet.

The little girl seems to be loathe to accept help from her parents on just about anything these days, unless it is to use our bodies as a step stool. One of the most poignant examples of this happened Monday night. We had just returned home and I caught a whiff of some pants that needed changing. At the same time Leah wandered over to her diaper bag and pulled out the changing pad. She proceeded to set down the pad sort of in front of me and lied down. When I tried to adjust the pad to be right in front of me I was showered with a chorus of “No, no, no!” and giggles. We repeated this almost a dozen times, sometimes trying to adjust the pad’s position in relation to me, sometimes trying to adjust Leah’s position in relation to the pad, but all attempts to alter Leah’s chosen configuration resulted in “No, no, no!” I eventually decided that I am the parent and we’ll do things my way and wisked her off to the changing table to do things right. Much less laughing and much more pouting. (Man it sucks to be the responsible one sometimes.)

Leah is also showing a lot of maternal instincts with her dolls. She holds them, feeds them, “changes their diapers”, pats them on the back, etc. Monday night she also took to educating them. As she was reading “That’s Not My Dinosaur” she would “read” the page and then take the dolls hand and put it on the touch & feel part of the page. Ta-adorable!

Lastly, Leah is becoming her Dad. At least in the mornings. Two days ago when she woke up after coming to our bed she stretched, looked around, crawled over to the bedside table, turned off the light, and curled back up with her eyes closed. Clearly, it was too bright and she was trying to sleep. Geez mom! This morning she just kept shifting from one side to the other and curled back up in a little ball at every attempt to waken her. It probably didn’t help that Dad was curled up right next to her and soundly sleeping too, but she was determined to sleep. I thought we’d have until she was a teenager to have to pry her out of bed but I guess when you adore Dad you pick up his habits early.