Tired of your mop?

You should try mopping the inside of the oven while you are baking a cake.

Kelly decided to make a new exciting cake for my birthday, something she had never made before. I remember that she even noted that it looked like it was going to be more batter than the pans could hold. Apparently she dismissed that because maybe the cake was really dense. She should have listened to her instincts.

Once we got the baby down, and the cake in the oven Kelly and I were going to hang out in the basement. Well, I ran up to grab something and noticed that smoke was rising out of the oven. I cracked it open to have a look and was slammed in the face with an eye-stinging cloud of smoke. I noticed the cake was bubbling up and out of the pans. Immediately I ran up and popped the battery out of the smoke detector so that didn’t wake up the baby, and returned to investigate solutions to our smoke problems. I noticed that the cake that was still in the pan was just fine, that all the smoke was emanating from the batter that was setting on the floor of the oven. So I did what any guy would do. Soak a towel in cold water and strap it to the end of a broom handle and try to mop it up. Well, a towel rubber-banded to a stick makes a poor mop, and as I furiously la-na-za’d the bottom of the oven, there should be a commercial product that would enabled better mopping. But wait, a mop!

I grabbed our little sponge mop, soaked it up and started pushing the batter around on the bottom of the oven. Not something that really cleaned up the oven, it was more of a move-the-mess-around type activity. By the time I had established my process, Kelly finally got tired of shouting “what are you doing?” and came up to investigate.

Once she got over the initial confusion, she had the idea that we should take the half baked cake out of the oven and try to finish up the job. I concurred. At this point we took the sloshy cakes out and turned off the oven. Once we had the oven shelves out my process worked much better.

Once we were done we decided that we should at least try to finish baking the cake, so we popped it back in the oven. A little while later we discovered that twice baked cake is not nearly as good as twice baked potatoes.

My birthday cake this year was smores. I am not complaining.