Oh wait, it’s Christmas now

I have been running round like crazy at work and getting ready for the holidays, that I entirely forgot that it is gonna be Christmas. Still sorta feel like it is a week or two away.

Work has been alittle nuts because I am doing some last minute stuff for a lil networking company that wants neat stuff to show off at the CES. I am pretty pumped about the show, especially now that we are bringing more people and staying on the strip, but find it a little frustrating that they all get free trips (i.e. they don’t have to do any panic coding for bipolar partners FOR the show). The bad part about the panicked coding is that I had to wrap up my real work so that I could get to it.

Now I need to get good at Ruby fast (which is actually a little frustrating because I am finally comfortable in Python). Oh, and enforce deployment processes. Strike that, automated deployment process. The Doc is the testing nazi, I the equivalent for version control, and it looks like I get to be it for deployment too. I don’t want that job.

Kelly got what appears to be a stomach bug, and has been pretty weak – so much so that we had to send little miss to grandma’s so that she could rest. Poor girl got hit with it as soon as her vacation started. Fortunately we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now, she woke up feeling much better. Then felt worse, but not nearly as bad, and, the best part, ate an entire meal for breakfast. Yay for pamcakes!

Beej and Katie (and Maggie and Luke) also came out for breakfast, where we exchanged presents and set up plans for some new years boringness. Which from the sound of it the Eshlers will get to partake in. It was awesome hanging out and talking after we ate. Mags and Luke were so quiet and happy the entire time and we had lots to talk about (read: babies and electronics).

Well, everyone is down for a nap, I am wired from a half dozen cups of coffee and gonna go read Why the Lucky Stiff for a bit.