I just want to get home (or to work)

Getting to and from work has been a little frustrating the last couple of days. Maybe I am a little sensitive because I am writing this on the bus, but not the bus I wanted to catch. I got to see that one pull away as I ran up to the stop. Nope, the one that shows up 20 min after that.

Today wasn’t too bad. Yesterday was the real debacle. I tried to take the bus in, and apparently I missed it. I know the time it comes into the neighbourhood, and I was at the stop at that time, but it must have been ahead of schedule, cause it never showed. So I waited in the shelter, since it was raining. The next bus rolls past, and stops a little after the stop. So I run over and hop in. The driver scolds me for standing in the shelter “just cause you can see me doesn’t mean I can see you.” I apologize and go sit in the back. 20 minutes into the ride I notice we don’t get on the freeway. It hits me, I got on the local bus. I swear it said “express,” but it wasn’t. I was on the 17A. Burke to the Pentagon via Landmark Mall. ugh. Eventually I get there, hop off and have the nice walk from Navy Memorial to the office.

That evening Sean and Nina were coming over, and I thought I would be sneaky and bum a ride so I could skip the bus. I walk out the door only a few minutes late, pretty happy. I get down to the platform to find it mobbed. The board says there are residual delays. It took longer than normal but we get on the first orange line train that comes to the platform. And all was looking good until the operator couldn’t work the doors anymore. By the time we got to Foggy Bottom (the last stop in the district) we had to deboard the train. Now that platform was pressed-up-against-strangers packed. And we watched as packed train after packed train showed up to take 2, 3 people away. One of them even contained C-Dub who silently mocked me. After this happened 6 or 7 times I hop on the train going the other direction and get on there. It seemed pretty quick. As soon as I got to Farragut West I was able to run and get on an orange line train immediately. However by the time I got back to Foggy Bottom the platform was empty and it was very easy to get on the train I was on.

Luckily when I finally did get there Sean and Nina were still waiting. And we embarked in a whirlwind drive though Arlington in a lil pickup with 2 and a half seats.