Leah likes to be tall.

I know this because she has taken to walking around only on her tippy toes. That, and she likes to climb. She is a mini Sherpa. Which is impressive because Sherpas are quite small. I even had a lady comment that leah was just learning to walk because “look how she walks on her toes.” That just proves that ladies can be pretty dumb. Take that toe-lady.

Last night we had a big accomplishment, followed by a bit of despair on our part. Leah figured out how to eat with a fork. She took an empty fork, speared a piece of tilapia piccata, and stuck it in her mouth. We cheered. She continued fumble around with the fork, occasionally getting more food, but mostly getting food close to her mouth before knocking it off the fork. The despair kicked in when we noticed she wouldn’t let us feed her, she had to feed herself. Moreover, she wouldn’t use her hand to pickup the food either, she was all about the flat ware. Eating took a long, long time. Luckily, Kelly figured out how to sneak in a few bites when Leah brought an empty fork to her mouth. Sure, it sped up dinner that night, but it might be reinforcing bad fork skills with tasty fish reward.
Parenting is hard.