I tried out this not trying out thing.

I think I like it. Way less stress. I had fun cheering for my teammates and showing off my Daughter to all our wushu friends. It’s sorta crazy how extended the extended wushu circle goes. I just wish I got to see them more often than every other year.

Everyone did a really good job this weekend. We got a brand new set of faces on the team, at least for the men. I think the mean age is something like 10 years old, but them lil kids are crazy good. Jessica and I held the ceremonious passing of the number one, to Colvin and Sarah. I very happy we could keep it in the family. They really deserve their spots, they tore it up.

I wound up doing the official score calculations for the tournament. Talk about an annoying job. We need these things entered into a relational database and have it crunch the numbers. It was just a little too complicated for excel. I was very paranoid I was going to fat finger the scores and screw up the standings. The good news is I have gone back a few times over the numbers and so far so good. But it was nice to be able to sit down with the actual judges score sheets and verify that all the numbers added up correctly. After hearing all the rumors over and over I was very careful to look for anything suspicious, but by the end of the day everything seemed in order. Oh thank God.

I thought this was hands down the best run wushu tournament I had been do, it actually started when they said it would – the judges lunch break didn’t transform into a 3 hour siesta – and the venue actually fit the number of competitors. Heck, they even had air conditioning, albeit a little too much AC, but they had it.

I now feel very out of shape, and need to go stretch.