Who’s got the smartness?

I think we finally met our big huge deadline at work. This doesn’t mean I am not swamped anymore, it does mean that I shouldn’t be working till 1 am every day. Good news is we pushed hard to make this and when it came time for the important people to decided ‘go or no go’ we got the go. Score one for the good guys. Of course this project is one of three for this partner, but if you screw up the first one you know you are in bad shape. I am sure we still have months of wacky requirements for straight forward functionality.

I did notice yesterday that even though Leah has been sleeping through the night like a champ recently, I am still exhausted. If the baby don’t keep me up work does. For father’s day I want some sleepin’! That and playing frisbee.

I am actually pretty pumped about father’s day. This is my first real one, and I think that is pretty cool. I’d like to bbq and go play in the park, but I did commit to a wushu demo that happens to take place sometime on Sunday. Hopefully it is a normal Chinese school thing around 2ish so we can play later on.

Leah has learned a few more tricks. I don’t know if I bragged on he waving bye bye yet or not, but she can do that. She also points and says ‘that’ when you carry her. She is thrilled if you walk over to ‘that’ for closer inspection.

She showed off her smartness earlier this week when Kelly and I went to Aladdin for dinner. We needed milk, so Kelly ran off to the grocery store and I was supposed to pay the bill and load the little girl in the car. Well, she doesn’t really like the car (who can blame her, you strap her down and abandon her) and didn’t want to get in. Once I opened the door to put her in she pointed and said that to anything that was away from the car. 4 or 5 things, that….that…that…that! I pointed in to the car at her seat and said ‘How bout that one?” She glared at me for a moment. Then turned her head pointed, said that, and smiled. I motioned to the care and she made the saddest face and whimpered a bit. I backed up and pointed to a tree, and she smiled, pointed and said ‘that’. Clearly she didn’t want in the car and was trying to talk me out of it. Unfortunately, I loaded her up and strapped her down anyway. It was a little sad but we survived.

Tonight I am going to dinner with my ladies, and we are going to take our sweet time about it. It will be awesome. Tomorrow I will load my grill into the truck and go be the grillmaster at O-Mei’s open house. Sunday is dad-day, which works out just fine for me. Holla.