Quick and boring recap.

Well I have spent the last two weeks a little under the weather. I am doing much better now, but it was a little rough for a while. The doc said that I had some sort of viral sinus infection. Hooked me up with some pain killers, antibiotics and a decongestant. I have finished the antibiotics, and am doing much better now.

This past weekend we took Leah for her fist Ikea trip. She loves shopping, always looking around at all the things to see, wanting to ‘get’ everything. Ikea was great as far as she was concerned. We let her run around and explore, fed her meatballs and potatoes. Well, I should say Kelly fed her those things. I gave her a fork full of lingdon berries right after we sat down and she made a very sour face and didn’t trust me to feed her again for the rest of our meal.

Last week Kelly and I actually got to have a date night. Grandma came over and swiped the baby from daycare and we had Thursday night to go out. We went and got tapas at La Tasca in Clarendon, which was made the lady very happy. She loves her some Tapas. We then went to a quaint little toy store and I bought Leah a book, which I am saving for her birthday.

After that we jumped in the car and headed home. I think we were in bed by 9:30, for sleeping. We are that Wild. 9:30.

I think we slept for 12 hours. It was awesome.

That next Friday the Tulli came into the city to return our child at M&S grill, but I had to work late and missed most of dinner. They had a spiffy little cubby booth in the back that Leah could run around under the table and look out the window. I eventually showed up just after dessert with C-Dub and we had a tasty beverage and fun apa-teaser.