Pitter patter of little feet

Whew, I gotta stay up-to-date with this thing here, because when you fall behind it becomes rather daunting to think about the huge write up that is necessary to bring things up to date.

Well, lets start with a quick recap of recent events.

I spent last week in Austin. Kelly even came out for a while. The original idea was that I would be there two weeks ago, but out meetings got moved after we booked the tickets. So, we did things in reverse. She went with me to teas on Friday and returned Sunday with out me. I have decided that was not the way to do it, our original plan was much better. You have to bear in mind that this was the first time Kelly was away from Leah overnight. That’s a huge deal for any mother. Honestly, I think she handled it great—but there was a few bumps along the way. I think they can all be attributed to the baby being off her normal routine. Nobody told me how crucial the baby’s routine was going to be.

Got that Tom? Routine. Schedule. They are your friends.

The rest of the week was full of brutal meetings (can I say code audits), and awesome food. Austin is known for Tex-mex and BBQ. In heaven I don’t plan on eating anything other than Tex-mex and BBQ. Needless to say I was happy. And in case your wondering I like County Line over Salt Lick. Both were great, but County Line had a talking cow head on the wall (and ribs that appeared to be from a brontosaur).

I was very happy to finally return home. I came in the door and the first thing Leah did was walk to me. She was holding onto the couch and just turned and nearly ran to me. Sure, some might call it a controlled fall, but is was definitely walking. Over the course of this week she has been doing more and more toddling around. I think the practice outside on the uneven grass has helped, it is much easier to walk on a flat carpet once you have been battling hills, sticks and pine cones.

Since I got back, I’ve had a new sense of urgency for my work, so I have been pushing hard on that. Poor C-Dub, I abuse that guy. Thank God he’s there. I meant to go to wushu on Tuesday, but forgot my shoes. I was going to go yesterday but wound up working till 7. I am feeling fat and inflexible.

Ok, Imma go do the splits. Cause I am cool like that.