Cherry Steps

Leah’s 9 month checkup was supposed to be last Friday, but on Thursday we took her in for an ear infection. So we have her hopped up on the Amoxicillin and rescheduled her well visit for this week.

Friday night Tom came over and Leah put on her I have an ear infection and 3 new teeth so I am unhappy show. I think it scared the poor father to be. We distracted him with Mario party.

Saturday we skipped swimming lessons because of the aforementioned ear infection.

While Kelly was working hard cooking us some dinner, I took baby girl downstairs for some wall-tv an foof action. Built a little triangle shaped fort out of the couch, giant foof and bench. Leah thought that was crazy fun and worked her cruising skills all around it. Then she did it. Out of the blue. Into the blue. Took her first steps. This qualified, it she started it on her own. She took least three steps, good toddling steps. After step one she was leaning way off to the side and swung back for the second and by the third she was careening out of control and ate it. She ate it into the foof, so that was not a problem. At this point I grabbed the baby and started screaming and running around. On my way up stairs, yelling “Kelly Kelly Kelly!” I became really aware of the fact that Kelly would be disappointed that she wasn’t there for the monumentious event and promptly realized it was too late to not tell her. So I followed through with the news, and Leah performed for her Mama later on with a few steps in the triangle of foof.

Leah didn’t stop there. Sunday Everett came up to visit and we took him to Lost Dog, while at the café, when Leah was in her high chair he reached across the table and said “high five!” Leah looked up at his hand for a second then lifted her’s and pressed her palm into his. The three of us went nuts with cheering and atta-girl’s to the point where I am pretty sure the rest of the patrons thought we were a little nuts. I’d say it was a fair assumption.

To prove it we took Leah to the park off of Prosperity Rd—the one with the nice creek. Everett and I threw a Frisbee while Leah and mom played on the swings. We then wondered down to the creek and the boys climbed on the logs gathering flowers for the baby. The baby ate rocks. Everyone had fun.

Last night Kelly grabbed the baby and came downtown so we could take the baby down for a photo op at the cherry blossoms. While we got a few good pictures, Leah was much more interested in looking at all the crazy things that go on in the city. There were little kids everywhere they were the most interesting thing ever. I was impressed with her attention span. And she was happy the entire time.

Pictures to follow.