C-O-H-F Based Propulsion

I came home tonight and found this on the fridge.

Swingin’ on some swings!

We Built a fort at work. It was not appreciated. Drat monkeys.

I know I have been leaving poor ‘lil bloggie out of the loop recently, so here is a little recap.

As you can see from the pictures Leah is promptly becoming the cutest baby ever. She properly fun now. I know Kelly liked her teeny tiny little baby, but seriously, all she did was lie around and poo. Now she can crawl—and when she wants to crawl fast. It is the best thing, when she gets going really fast she does this high stepping thing where she picks up her knees and hands as high as she can then slams them back down on the floor to propel her along. I would think it would hurt her knees, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Yesterday she was wearing a pretty, pretty dress and had a hard time crawling in it. Being the resourceful kid she is, she developed a crazy crawling-on-her-feet technique. COHF (pronounced cough) propulsion. She scooted across the floor with them little bloomers sticking up in the air, attacking the cats and removing magnets form the fridge with glee.

Last night I was supposed to go to wushu since Wednesday is the early class, but I skipped because it was so nice out side and I wanted to play with my ladies. And we played out in the front yard, chatted with the neighbors and ate leaves. Well, one of us ate leaves. Them leafs might be more fun than toys. I still think pinecones and sticks are all the toys kids need. Not that I don’t want to buy more toys (the little people sets are crazy fun, I want the Pirate Ship. And the Zoo. And the Barn) but I think kids have just as much fun with the basics. And we need to be saving, because there is one day that she will want iFrogs and sellPhones and other crazy gadgets (the answer of course is no, sorry Leah).

At work I have been buried in my big project. It is a lot of fun to design and build a big component from the ground up, but the fact that it is about 3 times more complicated than it needs to be is a little unsettling. You may ask, Chris, if you designed and built it, why0oh-why is it so much more complicated than it needs to be. Well, it’s in the requirements. Specifically it needed to be buzzword compliant. The software world is obsessed with these words and all their buzzing. It has really gotten our of hand.

Of course we have been fairly agreeable on this specific project, because if it works out like we hope it will, then we can do some cool stuff down the line. Way down the line, but this gets a big item crossed off our list.

Unfortunately, all this work at work (and at home) leave no time for personal geeky projects. The last thing I did was shorten my mouse cord. While useful I also have a couple of bigger projects I really should pay attention to—specifically the wushu tournament software I’d like to dig into. Hopefully I will have time to get into that before this summer.