Is the dinosaur extinct?

Last weekend Leah had the most fun being a dinosaur. She would get up on her knees stick her arms out in front and growl, roar and otherwise make dino-sounds. For added effect she would grab the animals from her Noah’s Ark set and wave them around with an occasional slobbery biting. It was the cutest thing ever. She practiced it for a few days and perfected her impression. But as soon as she did she moved on to the ’D’ sounds. As much as I like words she can say that start with D, I miss the dino-baby.

I shouldn’t complain because she is saying dada with regularity. In fact Kelly brought her in to say goodbye to me this morning and she looked right at me and said dada. I know she doesn’t associate that word with me yet—but she will, and that is good enough for me. She does ramble on and on telling us stories with many of the words starting with her favorite new sound. Some sample words include: Da Do Dyoi Duh and Doh.

She tells the best stories.

Kelly keeps asking me when I am going to go back to wushu, adding ‘it’s been two months’ for effect. While I am sure there is no way I would have let 2 months go by with no training, I think she does have a point. I need to get back for the exercise if anything. I have been feeling inflexible recently—which I am going to blame on work more than not wushu. Something about marathon coding that’ll make your hip flexors tight. Stupid western chairs.