Take that washing machine!

Our washing machine is fixed. Kelly proclaimed that I was the hero. I like that.

Now, the lulaby that I made up for Leah:

Hush little baby, don’t say a word
Daddy’s gonna buy you the Hokie Bird
And if the hokie bird don’t gobble
daddy’s gonna buy you a weeble wobble
And if that weeble wobble falls down
Daddy’s gonna buy you a pretty gown
And if that pretty gown don’t fit
Daddy’s gonna buy you a baseball mitt
And if that mitt don’t catch
Daddy’s gonna buy you a wodden match
And if that match won’t light
Daddy’s gonna buy you a bright red kite
And if that Kite won’t fly
Daddy’s gonna sing you a lulaby
And if that lulaby don’t rhyme
Then it must be baby girl’s bed time