Squishy brown with foam on top

It was a pretty long and involved weekend. This was due to two unrelated things. 1) Leah decided it would be entertaining to crawl properly and 2) The washing machine thought it would be fun to flood the basement.

First, the entertaining one. Leah can propel her self forward to places that she decides are interesting. This is coupled with her other main intrest, getting up higher. She will cawl over to a near by item, a peice of furniture or a bumbo, and attempt to either climb on top of it or use it to stand more upright. She has not perfected either the crawling or the climbing, so this means inattentive parents can result in bonked heads. Waling and nashing of tooth ensues.

As a result she is becomign more and more fun to play with. Giggling and happy shrieking all up and down the floor.

Second, the washing machine mishap. Or as I like to think of it, the soggy sudsy stinky carpet with all our clothes on it. While Kelly normally handles the clothes cleaning, I thought I would help Kelly out and run a few loads of laundry. Due to baby sized distractions we had accumulated quite the pile of laundry in the basement—I believe the cats had taken to calling it Mt. Truxion—so I gathered up a handful and ran a load. All good. Got the second one going and went about my business. Well during that second load the machine decided it would just keep the water flowing. Did all its normal stuff, but the water kept on coming. When we finally discovered this I freaked out (squishy brown carpet does that to me) and started twisting and pulling all the knobs on the thing. I even unplugged it. The water just kept coming. It was like a evil possessed demon machine. Nothing would stop it. Nothing could. Kelly walked around and shut off the water. The water stopped. But there we were water flowing under all the shelves, under my media rack, and most annoyingly into the carpet. We hauled what we could to safety. Wet-vac’d and mopped. Worked up a good foam on the carpet which brought flashbacks to the Tide insolent of a few years ago. I find it best not to dwell on the horrors of the past.

Eventually we got things under control, propped the carpet up on and ironing board and stacks of paint cans with a box fan running and sorted the clothes into hampers. We had to get up early so we could go to the ‘dorf in time to do our laundry before Neal’s graduation dinner thing.

In closing: Giant multi-national computer corporations will say things like “if we give you the UI spec today can you have it ready in a week?” Gah!